Screen glasses paid by your employer

Do you often feel tired and headachy after a day behind the screen? Screen glasses might help you with that. According to "Arbetsmiljöverket", the employer should pay for glasses if an eye examination shows that you are in need of vision correction (AFS 1998:5).

A smooth digital process

We've developed a simple, all-digital process for applying to have your employer pay for screen glasses:

1. Talk to your boss to see if it's OK for you to order screen glasses from Nividas.

2. Make an application using the button below.

3. Your manager/finance department e-signs the application.

4. You will visit us for an eye exam and we can help you choose your glasses. The invoice is sent to your employer with a 30-day payment period.

5. The glasses are ready in about two weeks - no more fatigue or headaches behind the screen!


We offer two types of screen glasses: single vision and progressives. The price includes frame and lenses with anti-scratch, anti-reflective and dirt-repellent treatments.

- Single-vision screen glasses: 1519 SEK ex. VAT.

- Progressive screen glasses: 2799 SEK ex. VAT.

Are you an employer?

Do you work in a company (50+ employees) that wants to set up a tailor-made solution? Click on the button below and leave your details - we'll be in touch.