How it started

In 2014, Nividas was started after one of the founders couldn't find a nice pair of glasses without completely depleting his meagre student fund for the next month. The idea of doing something different in the rather conventional industry started to grow and a few years later, the same goal remains, to challenge with a better looking, simpler and smarter concept for glasses.

The Nividas concept

We were founded with the goal of being the fresh newcomer in this rather traditional industry. Since then, our goal has always been to sell affordable, stylish eyewear of the best possible quality. Buying new glasses shouldn't be complicated, it should be fun.

Optician 2.0

Something as technical and precise as vision correction doesn't have to be boring or difficult to understand. We want a visit to our opticians to feel educational and interesting but still very relaxed and not like going to the doctor.·

No middlemen

We design our frames at our headquarters in Stockholm and then manufacture them without middlemen to keep prices down. You can always count on fixed low prices regardless of how high your prescription is and all our prices include frame, lenses and lens coatings. Nice huh?

The home try-on service

Borrow 3 frames for 5 days, only pay for shipping.