What are screen glasses?

Working behind a screen all day can cause eye strain, fatigue and headaches. An ergonomic working posture, a properly adjusted computer screen and good lighting conditions can help a lot. However, in many cases it is a visual defect that causes problems and screen glasses, also known as computer glasses, can be a good investment.

Buying screen glasses

Screen glasses are specially adapted to your working conditions. Screen glasses can be single vision or progressive and you can choose from our full range of frames. To make sure you get the right prescription, we recommend you book an eye exam with us and we'll take it from there.

Do you work behind a screen?

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations, the employer must bear the cost of screen glasses if an eye examination shows the need for prescription glasses. Do you work a lot in front of a screen? Then check your options for having your employer pay for the screen glasses (AFS 1998:5).

Add blue light blocking treatment

The blue light from digital screens can disrupt your sleep patterns and increase the risk of digital fatigue (difficulty focusing, blurred vision, tired eyes, headaches). To counteract this, we offer blue light filters that block part of the blue light. This coating is added to the purchase of glasses, with or without prescription. Perfect add-on to screen glasses.