A pair of Nividas glasses

We want to create eyewear that combines conscious choice with creativity and design. The journey towards a finished pair of Nividas glasses starts at the drawing board and ends at the lab where your prescription lenses are fitted. In between, there is a long series of steps to complete, from the preparation of materials, to the handcrafted final polishing of the frames. Below we go through some of the steps.

The material is created

Many of our glasses (all except the metal ones) are made of a material called acetate in eyewear lingo. The acetate we use is a form of plastic derived from plant cellulose. This material is kneaded, dyed and mixed to give the colour and texture of the frame.

Handcrafted processes

Making glasses requires a mix of state-of-the-art robots, advanced machines, but also a human touch. Many steps are still done by hand by skilled craftsmen in our factories. This film shows some of the steps involved in making one of our metal frames.

Sustainable materials

Many of our glasses and sunglasses are made from a new material that is not only plant-based, but also has the potential to biodegrade in a natural process. So what does that mean? Well, that material, when it has served its purpose as eyewear, will not only be able to be recycled, but also absorbed and returned to nature.

About Nividas

Since the beginning, our goal has always been to sell affordable, stylish glasses of the best possible quality. Buying new frames should not be complicated, it should be fun.